About “The Morning Run”

Why “The Morning Run”? Well, for lack of a better title, it’s because I run in the morning. As much as I’d enjoy being an elite athlete where I can devote my entire day to training, recovery, and learning about the sport, that’s simply not feasible with work and grad school. However, from 4:50 to ~7:30 AM on weekdays and until ~11:00 AM on weekends, I can. Those are the aforementioned morning runs. During that time, nothing else matters – not the stresses of work, life, finances, etc. I focus on the joy of running and the sense of purpose associated with having a long-term training plan. So I guess it’s really like 2.5 hours where I get to imagine that I’m an elite athlete, before I jump into my day job for the rest of the day.

I’ve learned a ton reading other running blogs, books, and magazines. They’ve given me countless training tips, great new trails and roads to run, and steered me toward the right running products to purchase – I’m no sponsored athlete here; I’m running on a tight budget (pun intended). Call me materialistic, but I think part of the fun of running is getting new gear and seeing the innovations that running companies come up with. I’ve also been entertained by their writings; many can make you laugh, and many can relate to your life so accurately that it’s almost creepy. All these factors together inspired me to start this blog. I genuinely hope that you’ll find at least something useful to you among the multitude of reviews, comments, and general ramblings here, even if that’s just a single sentence, a website link, or a new trail location.

Lastly, the part I love most about running is that you DON’T have to be an elite to be an expert. There are plenty of unbelievably dedicated or insanely talented runners who still work a 9-5 job, put their family first, and have all sorts of other obligations. It’s like each one of these people is an undercover running sensei. That being said, your feedback is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me and everyone else! Although I want to share what I’ve learned about running and running products, my knowledge pales in comparison to the collective knowledge of all the readers here. Your comments and criticism of the content here can benefit everyone. You, yes YOU, the person reading this right now, knows at least something about running that I don’t. It doesn’t matter if you run 5 miles a week or 100. We’d love to hear what those things are! PLEASE share your knowledge, and leave comments!