About “The Morning Run”

Why “The Morning Run”? Well, for lack of a better title, it’s because I run in the morning. As much as I’d enjoy being an elite athlete where I can devote my entire day to training, recovery, and learning about the sport, that’s simply not feasible. However, from 4:50 to ~7:30 AM on weekdays and until ~11:00 AM on weekends, I can. During that time, the stresses of work, life, finances, etc., go away. I can focus on the joy of running. It’s like 2.5 hours where I’m like a wannabe elite athlete, before I jump into my day job.

However, this is reality. I’m not an elite sponsored athlete, and I have no formal running training. Everything I’ve learned about running, gear, training, and races all comes from other blogs and runners, which ultimately inspired me to create this blog. I’m about as regular of a runner as they come, so I hope to leave detailed and insightful information on gear, adventures, and races that are relevant to us everyday runners! You don’t have to be a professional to love running, so your interest and feedback matter. PLEASE subscribe and leave a comment or send me a message so we can all learn more about running!